Want to be my playmate

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Once upon a time, back before manufacturers began plastering NFL logos and raucous Disney des smack down the front of newborn onesies and made size-three toddlers look like hookers, little girls wore simple dresses — much like the smocked floral frock Princess Charlotte is wearing in her latest photos.

The s hit song reflects a time when the only thing reminding kids to go home for supper was the rumble in their stomachs. It was even on a Wee Sing video. I know because my kids used to have it. Along with an alphabet video featuring a family of talking bears. And the photos of the newest royal, taken by her mother, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, could not be sweeter. But I do.

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That was before they became teenagers and started buying their own clothes, and I had the distinct privilege of spending hours in a frozen trance at Aeropostle and Charlotte Russe. Too low-cut? Too saggy? I even found a photo of my own little girl wearing one at a birthday party. Why do I care? Because this is the way in which we as a country are weaning our children onto a lifestyle of consumerism. Remember the kind that could knock you unconscious? It was quite a rush, brushing up against the sky. I had to sing and swing at the same time.

The telephone is not a toy! Oh, no. That was reserved for grown-ups, at least where I grew up. You could hear their voices on lazy summer days. Or after school, about an hour before the smells of supper-cooking filled entire blocks.

Say, say, oh playmate, Come out and play with me, And bring your dollies three, Climb up my apple tree.

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Say, say, oh playmate, I cannot play with you, My dolly has the flu, Boohoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo. Johnsonfor which Johnson sued, settling out of court for an undisclosed sum. The song was recorded by a few big names, including Kay Kayser and his orchestrareaching 1 on the billboard charts, and the Fontane Sisterswhere it remained on the Cash Box magazine charts for three weeks. Such an age of innocence! But this…this is something else.

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All I can say is, WOW. I like my cell phone too much. But I am for preserving childhood innocence. Not the Disney version. But the kind real little princesses need.

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Yours and mine. It might be the one thing we can preserve without an act of Congress. Recent Posts. March 12, And they sang sweet little songs while swinging on the backyard swing.

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My daughter, eating cake and ice cream in a smocked dress. Old-fashioned rain barrel.

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Cellar door, leading to basement. All rights reserved.

Want to be my playmate

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Say, Say, Oh Playmate: We traced the story of this old song and hand clapping game, and have the lyrics