That anything goes girl

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Want to Read. Rate this book. Vince Soublik drowned recently, off a tiny island in the Pacific. This edition Format s, Kindle Edition. Published December 17, Language English. More details. Barry Knister 5 books 1 follower.

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My Review: Loved this mystery suspense novel. At first I thought it was going to be a real piece of fluff book. I was wrong.

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The gritty details of this book are great. Combining high politics with corporate dirty dealings is there a difference brings great modern day relevance to this book. I enjoyed the main character and loved how the author kept it real with the lasting affects of her injuries instead of having her bounce back right as rain.

I will recommend this book to other and will look forward to more Brenda Contay adventures. I give this book 5 stars. Ashley Fontainne.

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Author 40 books 82 followers. Brenda Contay is a young woman who is haunted by her past. To escape the painful memories of a tragedy in her youth, she uses outside stimuli to dull her thoughts. After bouncing around from one menial job to another, Brenda finds her calling at the local television station as a brazen, in-your-face reporter who channels her gusto into That anything goes girl popular segment.

As she considers which impromptu vacation she will take, a breaking news story about a man from her past catches her eye. On That anything goes girl whim, Brenda ventures to the far away island as a concerned friend, not as a reporter. Unfortunately, Brenda reaches this conclusion a little too late and finds herself the next hunted game.

Knister weaves a tight, nail-biting tale. Though the beginning is a bit slow, once you settle in to the middle, the book takes off like a bullet and the action is non-stop. A must read for all thriller and suspense lovers. Author 3 books 9 followers. This book introduces you first to Vince Soublik, a fatality on a remote island.

Journalist Brenda Contay used to know him and her instincts tell her that she needs to find out the truth. With The Anything Goes Girl, Barry Knister has created a suspense story that introduces several important characters, if they are good or bad can be learned as the story proceeds. It is a quite compelling read that draws you slowly closer to Brenda and the case. Brenda is believable and determined. The story develops from being on the slowish side to a faster and steady really enjoyable flow. This is a book for you if you like suspense stories with believable characters and psychological aspects, and if you appreciate determined female amateur sleuths.

Jessica Higgins. Drawing on his Peace Corps experience, Knister delivers an interesting medical thriller set in Micronesia. Brenda Contay is a tabloid reporter known as the lighting rod. But she has grown tired doing cheesy stories about cheesier subjects. One day she learns that an acquaintance from college who ed the Peace Corps has died in Micronesia. Even more interesting is that he was a collegiate swim champion and he drowned. In her true anything goes style, Brenda decides to skip out on her asment in Rio and books a series of flights to Micronesia to investigate what happened.

When she arrives she finds that the island seems to have a mysterious sickness.

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When one of the natives decides that it must be visitors that are making them sick, Brenda escapes on a ship with no motor capability. Lost at That anything goes girl for 13 days with no food, she is finally picked up by a cruise ship. This was a very interesting concept for a story. Borderline medical suspense met with a corporate takeover thriller. However, I feel like I was only getting part of the story. I never really got a true backstory on Brenda. There were bits and pieces here and there, some dream sequences about her father and life with her overbearing mother, but I just never felt like I actually knew who she was.

It was like I got a snapshot for a few days of her life and that was about it. I hope that the future books will really pull more of her past into them so I can relate more to her. The scenes were set really well. You could definitely tell that Knister had been to the locations that he was describing. He also fully understood the different flight patterns that you have to take to get to some of these remote areas.

The characters all had their share of flaws. Freddy Song has some small parts at first and Linderberg has quite a few chapters as well. However, I feel that some of the characters expired a little too quickly. I think he could make a reappearance in the future. A little bit of violence, but nothing over the top. It may be a story worth your while. Fun, fast read that you won't be able to put down!

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It was alright. Another book that I read for bookclub but wasn't crazy about. The setting and premise were interesting, but the characters and story were a bit flat. the discussion.

That anything goes girl

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