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Our counselors in Wilmington, Jacksonville and Morehead City, North Carolina are available for Telehealth sessions wherever you may be. You will find our expertise broad and our counseling staff fully d and experts in their fields. We have specialties in counseling for Teens and Children, and those who struggle with Addiction.

With a commitment to our Military, we also offer counseling for those unique individuals and their families, including help with PTSD. Agape Counseling staff members offer specific therapy for Pastors, their church leadership, as well as other Professionals. Call today to speak about the specific ways we can help you.

We know that life happens and circumstances shape all of us, our behaviors, our emotions, our being. Sometimes we get derailed. At Agape, we believe that one of our greatest weaknesses lie in giving up. In view of the recent new virus Covid and its potential spread, our team at Agape Counseling desires to take good precautions in response for the welfare of our patients and staff members.

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As a therapeutic practice, we are providing information with regard to Telehealth appointments so as not to prohibit your personal growth through counseling. This will provide a safe alternative should either party become ill. Our counselors in Wilmington, Jacksonville and Morehead City are available for in-person and Telehealth sessions. Call today for an appointment. It is no surprise that this year has been painful and difficult for most if not all.

We have had to adapt to innumerable changes that have left us overwhelmed, disillusioned, and maybe even helpless. Maybe you have felt stuck and struggled to make decisions.

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However, you are never fully prepared for the moment your child discloses sexual abuse. Parents often feel scared, Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder. This looks different for each individual. However, one common manifestation of anxiety is avoidance, not being able to Single girls Wilmington sex in enjoyable activities. The brain is an amazing thing, but at times it can be a Recently Chrissy Teigen and Jon Legend shared photos of their devastating loss of their third.

She was reported to be about 5 or 6 months into this pregnancy. The sadness in these photos was palpable. This was hard to see and read about but necessary to bring Often parents feel a real disconnect to their adolescent and struggle with understanding the challenges youth are faced with today.

I used to think that confrontation and tough love worked with addicted individuals. That was before I was a substance abuse counselor. That was also before one of my family members became addicted to pain killers after a serious motor vehicle accident and before the Agape is a Greek word meaning unconditional love. This is the foundation that we as Clinical Christian Counselors begin with you. Unconditional means that you and your issues are safe here. While we are rooted by our faith, all are welcome, those without a particular faith and those who share ours.

Agape Counseling Associates. Restoring Souls to Health and Peace. Issues We Treat. Our Clinicians. Make an Appointment.

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Ready for a healthier you? Our clients are people who struggle with anxiety and depression, marriage difficulties, separation and divorce, families in conflict, communication barriers, how to process grief, loss and trauma, working with aging parents, children with learning challenges, including ADHD, single parenting, raising teenagers, anger management, and perinatal mood disorders.

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Our clients are people just like you. Make An Appointment. COVID Update In view of the recent new virus Covid and its potential spread, our team at Agape Counseling desires to take good precautions in response for the welfare of our patients and staff members. Teleheath Service. Our Response. Meet Our Clinicians. From our blog.

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What Does Agape Mean? Start Today. Wilmington Office Peachtree Ave. Jacksonville Office Kellum Loop Rd. Jacksonville, NC Morehead City Office North 35th St. To Schedule an Appointment Call — Supervision and Pastoral Care.

Single girls Wilmington sex

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