Shy girl for nerdy guy

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Totally agree :D - that's what I'd really like. Like not just sit around all day, but has his own unique hobbies, and friends, but we have things in common. I really find intellectual type guys to be the most attractive, so even if he's a computer whiz who'd rather play COD then go out all the time - I'd be totally fine with that.

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Well you sound like a great girl that any guy would be lucky to have. That is exactly what I've been looking for my whole life. I have finally found someone like that, now I just have to break it to her that I love her as more than a friend. If only life were as simple as that. You will find the type of guy that you're looking for. I guarantee it. Awe I'm very happy for you and I wish you all the best for that blossoming relationship : thanks very much, I really hope so too. Yea that's what I worried the impression I was giving to the shy guys around men.

Just let this be known first and foremost whenever you decide to date a shy nerdy guy. If you don't tell him, he just assumes the worst. Not one for sneaking around, and I prefer to be upfront about everything anyway.

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Ha ha - I know I will. I'm just wondering how. Usually with guys I will just walk up to them and talk to them - but if he's shy I don't want to make him really uncomfortable. I want to flirt and def let him know I like him, but don't want to come on too strong. If your a shy guy - how would you like a girl to approach you? A girl can't really make a guy uncomfortable unless she is perceived to be ugly or weird.

But not being awkward usually erases that. I assume that a shy guy doesn't have to be shy to everyone, just to a girl he likes. And I don't think shy guys in general prefer any particular approach.

Signs A Shy Guy Likes You

Go through a friend, or have eye contact then jump next to him and talk. A shy guy's feelings is the same as any other regular guy.

6 Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

Oh you sound perfect. Nerdy and atheltic and a tad shy. Yea I can see how that happens. I don't fall for dudes easily, so it'd take a lot to just go hopping around liking different guys because guy A, B, and C are hot or something stupid like that. I'm sorry you had your heart broken like that.

I could never imagine hurting someone like that. I don't think out going girls have really hurt me on purpose, they just get bored easily like they seem like they always crave new experiences with new people and since they know so many people there are always a ton of guys hitting on them and eventually they cave into the attention and new experience of another guy.

Yea I know well what your talking about. I'm kind of both, so eventually all the outgoing gets a tad much for me. It would be great to have a guy who is naturally quieter to just relax with, instead of trying to keep up with the people typically involved with that lifestyle. They aren't usually the type to go playing girls, and just want a pretty and nice girl to share affection with. The choice pick IMO.

I think drunk cheating is very trashy. Like maybe come out with me or hang out with some of my friends?

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It gets back to the drinking thing. You can have guy friends as long as you are responsible when drinking. Also, it just depends on the guy. Some guys are more willing to try new things, others aren't. Of course. I have no problem compromising that for him. I'll even stop drinking all together if he wants. If you can't count how many fingers you have up, you've had too many. That's when it gets dicey! Ha ha I've never been close to drunk. A little tipsy but that's it. I don't like losing control to substances - freaks me out.

I don't date smokers. I don't like secondhand smoke and kissing girls who smoke is like kissing an ashtray, it's just nasty! Yea some people are picky about that. Weed isn't like tobacco. It has a strong smell but it doesn't linger. It's more of a social thing, and you don't get addicted. I am guilty of doing it a lot a little while ago - but it gets old quick. If I even smoke at all.

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Ah well, I don't smoke it like that to worry about it being a turn - off. Some people are just more uptight about it though. Totally get that - but I don't know - I'd understand not wanting someone due to them being un loyal or rude - smoking is kinda like eh. It's something that can be ridded of quickly - But eh- just gotta find a guy who's flexible enough to deal and understand. You shouldn't have to change yourself for your mate. If someone smokes, I just won't date them. Well there's a difference between habitual change and personal change. Personal change is often what you dont' want to change - unless it's correcting a negative trait.

Habitual change are adJusting things in one's life to meet a common ground with another. We often do this for good friends and family. Why not the person you love? And it's not like making myself into everything he wants - but just reaching that common ground.

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That's all I mean. Depends on the girl. Often we meet lots of different guys, personalities, and different forms of loving someone. A lot of shy guys get overshadowed by the other types of guys. I want to know why shy guys tend to not date less outgoing women? The opposite in persona is really appealing and a nice atmosphere from what I'm used to. I dunno. I think there's a lot more to a guy getting rejected than how talkative, loud, or how outgoing he is.

A lot of girls I've noticed, unless they are outgoing themselves, feel they are out of those men's leagues, and will typically avoid them as even being a dating potential. Outgoing girls have our bad rap and it's deserved, for being wild and relationship unstable - a lot of outgoing guys tend to be more on the side of FWB and playarship.

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Not what those types of girls want. It's a poor generilization. Do some girls like those really bold and outgoing types? I'm sure - but girls operate on the same " league " descrepencies as the " nice guys" do if they themselves are " nice girls or average girls.

Maybe they just don't think your attractive or like your personality? Has little to do with. But shouldn't I - since I am included in the " vast majority " being outgoing and all - be attracted to those outgoing men? No right? Because it's my personal preference.

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Do shy nerdy guys, date outgoing girls?