Portugal female name

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The Portuguese newspaper Diario Das Noticias had access to the list of the most popular names in in Portugal and unveiled the latest trends. The attribution of the first name of newborns is taken very seriously in Portugal which is one of the strictest countries in Europe on this subject, with a list of around 1, authorized first names, which explains why the same first names are often used.

Lisbob, the expatriate assistant, tells you all about the ranking of the first names of Portuguese newborns in The Portuguese newspaper Diario das Noticias had access to the list of the most common first names for newborns registered at the conservatory until the second week of December As for the girls, the choice is final: Maria, the name given by his parents to 4, babies, clearly wins.

Second, by far comes Leonor, with 1, newborns.

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The list of the most common first names continues with Matilde 1, and Carolina 1, Alice finishes the top 5, having been the choice of parents this year. On the boys' side, the battle is tighter, but remains classic. The rest is just as close with Gabriel 1.

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On the boys' side, there are EnzoKevinNoah and David As a reminder, it is estimated that in Portugal there are 1, first names authorized for newborns. This list of course only engages children of Portuguese nationality, and there are exceptions for foreign parents.

The attribution of the first name to children follows strict regulations in Portugal.


The first names ased to newborns who have Portuguese nationality must meet several criteria: be at most two, allow the sex of the child to be identified thanks to the 2 first names, respect the spelling and phonetics of the current Portuguese language and not be identical to the first name of a living brother or sister of the.

It consults the Director-Geral dos Registos e do Notariado on the disputed names. It is this institution which maintains a list of first names having already been examined and having been admitted or refused.

Some first names can be matched with particularities. Or Fernanda dos Milagres f.

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Marc Martin - Portugal. First Name. Last Name.

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Portugal female name

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