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Interior De. And when it comes to proud accomplishments, Southern de is a standout, particularly Southern home de, which has withstood the hands of time and features many historical elements that can still be found in homes today. Take a look at some of our favorite Southern home de trends, pieces and styles that either originated in our region or can only really be found in the South.

Image: Home Bunch. Many shotgun houses in New Orleans, like this one, have ornate detailing and bright colors to balance the basic architectural details. Image: Flavor Wire. The de of a shotgun house is simple: a long, narrow, rectangular residence, usually without windows on the sides. A traditional shotgun features a shared space — like a living room in the front, bedrooms stacked right behind each other, followed by the kitchen and bathroom in the back. A double shotgun is two shotgun houses sandwiched right next to each other; a camelback or humpback house includes a partial second floor over the back of the house.

Many believe the style originated in Haiti and came to the United States as the Haitian migrants settled into the region. However, a modern update that seems necessary this day and age is a good old hallway. This is an example of a double shotgun — a mirror image of each home with a shared wall between the two. Image: Curbed New Orleans.

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Think about a park bench that only has one wooden plank and offers a gentle, relaxing motion. The narrow width of these benches make them ideal for any size porch or home though usually regarded as an outdoor piece of furniture, they can go inside, as well. Legend has it that after the Civil War, Union troops brought in black paint to help reconstruct the city of Charleston.

Think of it as a long, narrow bench that offers a slight bounce instead of a deep rock. Image: Hidden Charleston. Companies like The Joggle Factory make boards in every size, including a mini version for .

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Image: The Joggle Factory. Besides adding extra seating for one of our stunning summer soirees, wraparound porches and deep overhangs offer some utilitarian functions, as well. This Magnolia, Texas, home has a deeply set porch that wraps around the entire structure. Image: Har. Before central air conditioning became mainstream — hell, before electricity became mainstream — people in the South had to endure the brutal summers with a few splashes of water on the face, man-powered fans and the occasional breeze.

Wrap-around porches allowed family and friends to socialize without feeling like a chicken roasting over a pit. They provided a breeze-friendly place to relax and aided our Southern sense of community. This architectural element prevented direct sunlight from hitting the inside of the home for too long. An added bonus?

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Image: Southern Living. I only learned the real reason upon doing research for this article … and it has to do with ghosts! Kind of like visiting Sherwin Williams with the Ghostbusters. Image: Artisan ature Homes. Another theory about the blue-painted ceiling is that it repels bugs. Back in the day, lye was used as one of the ingredients in paint concoctions; lye was also used in insect repellent.

Whether you think Haint blue calms and centers you while on the porch swing or keeps evils spirits off your property, it really is a lovely hue. If you love your home, you want to keep it in one piece. Houses located in coastal neighborhoods and those in flood plains are sitting ducks when it comes to Mother Nature and the first line of defense is to literally raise the building.

By bringing the foundation up on stilts, the potential of flood-related water damage is greatly reduced. Thus, key Southern de elements for raised homes are intricate latticework, decorative staircases and attractive landscaping that keep water out, as well as unwanted pests, while still upping the curb appeal.

This elevated house in Waveland, Mississippi, located right on the Gulf of Mexico, aims to keep the water out if ever there is coastal flooding or a natural disaster. Image: Thornhill Construction.

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You may be asking yourself: How high is too high? Well, that all depends on your city, the bones of the house, your checkbook and the aesthetic value. Besides all the preventative measures, elevated houses also provide another source of cooling during the sweltering heat of summer. Breezes can pass underneath the home and help lower the temperatures, however slight, in overheated first-floor rooms. Image: Zillow. Sprawling plantation homes, like that of Gone With the Windall fit within the antebellum category, each following different architectural styles — Greek Revival, Neo-classical, Federal style and more.

Many antebellum mansions and plantation homes share a few key elements: symmetry, boxy look, stately pillars and columns, both front and rear center entrances, balconies and gabled roofs. Although the antebellum period has come and gone, homeowners seeking to capture this look in modern de add the above-mentioned elements to the blueprint. For example, detailed ironwork for balconies and columns create the look of Southern mansions from the past. Oak Alleyright outside New Orleans, is one of the most recognizable plantation homes in the country and a perfect example of antebellum architecture.

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Image: Architectural Digest. Book a Southern home tour that focuses on antebellum architecture to see it for yourself, both inside and outside.

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There are great plantation home tours in Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and other states that offer a glimpse into the past. This de element creates an awning that completely shades the top-floor windows so as to protect the home and its second-story dwellers from the hot Florida sun.

However, given that the roofs shaded the entire second-story set of windows, ventilation was compromised as a result. Said to be a look influenced by either or both!

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Today, there are less than eyebrow houses left in Key West but they definitely are still a ature look of this rowdy Southern town. Notice how the roof hangs low enough to completely shade the second-story windows. Image: RealtyinKeyWest. Image: ConchComments. This beautiful eyebrow home has been renovated and modernized yet it still maintains its ature look. Image: FloridaDe.

There are other great Southern de elements that truly reflect the region — just take a look out your window and see what makes your city tick.

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Perhaps your own slice of Tara is just waiting to be built! Check out our gorgeous home profiles by clicking the link here! Next Story. Interior deer Rachel Cannon Lewis appreciates the artful mix of architecture and de, such as patterned fabrics in a room with exquisite woodwork. Her home base in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, gives her an opportunity to combine architectural history with fresh, modern looks in homes both new and old. We caught up with Rachel to find out the story behind this beautiful new house, as well as recent events in her city.

Rachel: I am a Baton Rouge native and I can report it's a big city that feels like a small town. You always know somebody who knows somebody who knows someb Continue Reading More Articles.

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Category Style. We are grateful to all our sponsors:. StyleBlueprint: Did you grow up in Baton Rouge? What makes it a special place? You always know somebody who knows somebody who knows someb. More Articles.

Looking for a southern type

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