Little darlings san francisco strip club

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Staff and management are are all extremely friendly, helpful, and professional. A warm. We visited on January 18th and spent time with Angel who was sweet, charming, and incredibly beautiful and alluring. We cannot wait to go back and will likely make a special trip. The music they play here is awesome, but inconsistent. They start the night off with a lot of 80s and metal mashups, but as the night goes on, it changes to house.

They had a live band that night which was kickass. This place gets packed so dont be surprised if you see a fight or two. Cash only at the bar. Coming here from a different club was very disappointing. The bouncer was nice and helpful, but thats about were the pleasantries ended. The place was incredibly small. They only served a couple drinks and they were non-alcoholic. The dancers were super pushy in an obnoxious way to get you into a private booth. Once youre in a private booth, the poor lighting makes it difficult to appreciate the dancers bodies. Also, the Little in Little Darlings is a bit misleading.

🔥 Little Darlings Strip Club Las Vegas

These dancers were definitely a bit thicker than I like. The music was terrible rap. The whole thing felt a lot more ghetto than the name implied.

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I wish i could give a zero. As soon as you enter girls will jump on you to get whatever you have with you. Specially the Russian chick. A big no for those who want to have a strip club atmosphere. Place is small. Average girls mostly to loot you. Manager is too with his girls in loot. Plz avoid thisthere are couple of bars to adjacent block go to any one of them. Lots of girls,fun,music and entertainment! Non stop enjoyment that you dont want to end. The more you visit you will reap the benefits of being a valued customer! This place will try and rip you off.

Maybe if the people in charge would let the girls do their thing and make deals on their own it would be better. You go in with one girl to the back room. And 5 seconds later rushed by more girls that start harassing you for money. Be cautious. I went for the first time I love it cute dancers had me entertain the hole time defenely going back soon.

Very small but the strippers were pretty. Had towait for a drink which surprised me considering the lack of business.

Little Darlings Full Nude Strip Club In Las Vegas Wouldnt Hire Me!

Even the blind can see this is not a good place to go too. Got blitzed at the door and they were very very pushy about dances and extra services. All organizations All cities. Little Darlings. Visit the website. Get your stacks up, have a good time and Wait a second this isnt Chiles.

I had a good time girls were cute. Girls with body who can actually dance. Closest thing to a southern strip club in the Bay Area! Its great. Im 10 I had a3oqjqu. I dont even write reviews dont go here. First time at a strip club. And Im going back. Its a great place to go. With beautiful dancers. Was told the dance went for 60 min. Only lasted Love this club.

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Sexist bouncer would not let two females into the club because we were not accompanied by a man. Small interior, every girl looked bored out of her mind. No NO NO!!!!! Working hours.

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Little darlings san francisco strip club

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