I want to go down on you bbws only

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If you buy via a link on this site, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you surf around the Internet, you might find a long list of what some people believe BBW to stand for. In an acronym that probably started off sexual in nature, women have reclaimed the narrative of what it means to be a BBW. People can use a host of words to fat-shame women, but BBW brings forth the confident, beautiful nature of these women. While this focuses on the size of women, it lacks the appreciation for these women.

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Plus size focuses on the size of women while BBW is a reminder that these women are also beautiful. BBW is an important acronym that not only mentions that yes, these women are plus size, but YESthese women are beautiful. BBW was made to create a narrative for plus size women who are aware of their beauty and ready to embrace their confidence. From this came BHM — big handsome men. There are even models who have purposely gained weight because they simply love themselves and the way they look at any on the scale.

Could you even imagine reading about a romantic lead that was plus size? Thankfully, literature is moving in a direction where big beautiful women are included in the romance genre. Available through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, the story follows a plus size model that went through a lot to gain confidence in her profession.

Read here. Despite misconceptions and outright lies by those opposing Black Lives Matter, it is a movement solely deed to help end police violence against African-Americans across the United States. When it comes to surnames, there are some that are very clearly unique, but then there are others that you could probably attribute to 2 or 3 people that you know. You probably know tons of Jacksons and…. Lisa Bonet. Ava Duvernay.


All you need is a little bit of locking cream and a lot of patience. Within six months, you can have tight and beautiful dre just like….

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Are you in the process or transitioning your hair from chemical bound to natural? For many black women, it ifies self-acceptance and being comfortable…. As black women, our hair can be very fragile and should be handled with care. One of the areas where a lot of hair breakage occurs is during washing. This is the result of scrubbing, rubbing and manipulating the hair while cleaning it. You may have heard about Kwanzaa, but be wondering what on earth it is.

Is it a religious festival? What does it really celebrate? Is it compatible with my beliefs? How do I take part? We have the answers to all these questions and more, right here in this article. By the time…. s: 1 2.

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I want to go down on you bbws only

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