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They told me this in gym locker rooms, via countless unsolicited messages on Twitter, and in the chatroom of the webcam service for which I occasionally performed during my leaner years in graduate school. Although I was studying to become a cultural historian, I was too poor and too confused to give their comments much consideration.

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It was just what they said, and if it meant some extra money in my pocket while I sat there shirtless, so be it. But other scholars have examined such remarks, thereby illuminating a benighted piece of my past. The grand gender and sexuality theorizing of Judith Butler and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick has long since been enriched by an intersectional type of cultural criticism, and a host of excellent case studies on different segments of the queer community have emerged in recent years.

Jane Ward and C. Riley Snorton are among the experts who have researched the conjunction between heterosexual identification and same-sex intimacy. Ward proceeds from a startling but ultimately commonsensical claim: that sex between white straight men, far from serving as an occasional and aberrant exception to heterosexuality, is an essential component of it.

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Snorton, by contrast, focuses on African-American men, a group long ago forced, in the words of W. White men may easily swing back and forth while still presenting as heterosexual, but when black men pass from heterosexual to homosexual intimacy, their self-presentation is further circumscribed by the lingering residue of de jure and de facto rules that have governed their attitudes and limited their opportunities. In other words, the sexuality of black men is constantly being scrutinized; same-sex intimacy, while surely still a source of self-discovery, is something that must be kept as far from sight as possible.

All around us, through the thousands of small interactions that inform our daily lives, we construct selves that either benefit from white privilege or fail without it.

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Ward tells the story of men for whom privilege is a default position. Meanwhile, African-American males trapped in the glass closet of the down-low find themselves sexual suspects in a society already unable to understand them. Yet even those whites and blacks whose unique experiences fall outside the boundaries sketched by Ward and Snorton are united by a shared refusal to identify as homosexuals. California desert town takes back the night, wins rare "Dark Sky" award.

The U. The International Astronomical Union has established a committee to finalize a list of official star names. Some companies offer unofficial naming rights for purchase. But the voices of certain communities are often left behind.

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