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Finding your information. Chartier was released from jail Saturday after spending a year behind bars. She emerged from a thick fog that blanketed much of southern Manitoba on Saturday morning, her first taste of freedom in more than a year. Hey there, time traveller! Shelly Chartier who's nickname the "Ghost of Easterville" walks to a car with her husband Rob Marku after she was released from prison after a year behind bars Saturday October 22, at the Women's Correctional Centre in Headingley.

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But what Shelly Chartier is returning to remains a mystery. There is a count arrest warrant outstanding in Colorado, court documents obtained this week by the Free Press state. The charges are separate from the fraud, impersonation and threats offences she admitted to during her October sentencing in Easterville, her home community located kilometres north of Winnipeg. The new charges include five counts of criminal impersonation, three counts of identity theft, two counts of racketeering, two counts of theft, sexual exploitation ofextortion and computer crime.

They largely involve the same victims as the Canadian offences, but not necessarily the same transgressions. If convicted, there is the potential for a sentence of up to 24 years. Chartier, 31, has not been arrested by police on the charges, as an extradition request is still being worked on by American and Canadian authorities. Chartier declined to speak to a Free Press reporter and photographer who met her outside the facility Saturday.

She was whisked away in a vehicle by her uncle and taken to Easterville to be reunited with her ailing mother. She was also greeted by her husband, Rob Marku, a New York man who met Chartier online and married her before her sentencing. Chartier was described by a Crown attorney as a manipulator who enjoyed toying with the lives of strangers while hiding behind a computer screen.

This was pulled off by a woman with only a Grade 6 education, a celebrity obsession and a high-speed Internet connection in a remote community rife with violence, poverty and addiction.

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Her victims included a professional basketball player, a Hollywood actress and a lovesick Texas woman. Her crimes spanned more than three years, and the complex investigation included more than 40 police officers in two countries and the execution of 39 search warrants.

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By posing as various real people that she met online, Shelly Chartier hid from the realities of her life Chartier remains on two years of supervised probation, which includes performing hours of community service work and not using the Internet. Mike McIntyre grew up wanting to be a professional wrestler. But when that dream fizzled, he put all his brawn into becoming a professional writer. Although it was revealed to be untrue, it caused plenty of grief, including the loss of millions in contract money and endorsements.

It was anything but simple. A affidavit the Free Press obtained this week outlines in complex detail how various fake s and phone s were used to confuse her targets. She also set up another fake using the name of a popular online video-game enthusiast. Once these connections had been made, Chartier would then contact the player through social media, taking on the identity of the young women she had befriended while posing as the player. One of the young women was, at the time, a year-old California girl who was infatuated with athletes, including the basketball player, and pretended she was Chartier convinced the girl to send nude photos of herself.

Chartier also began threatening the teen while using the bogus identify of the video-game player, even posting some of her nude pictures online and sending her a link. All of this eventually led to the girl and her mother going to police and exploitation investigation in which the basketball player and video-game player were viewed as suspects.

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The Winnipeg Free Press invites you to share your opinion on this story in a letter to the editor. A selection of letters to the editor are published daily. Letters are edited for length and clarity. Advertisement Advertise With Us. Easterville 'ghost' returns to old haunts Cybercriminal out of jail and back home, but U. The recluse dubbed the Ghost of Easterville was back.

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Free cyber sex chat in Easterville

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Easterville 'ghost' returns to old haunts