Desparately seeking San Marino

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Council Member Steve Talt addressed his comments of clarification to Collins, the public and city staff. It is now the job of Collins to draft job descriptions and salary schedules for the newly created positions so that the city may begin to fill the three new vacancies.

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The San Marino City Council unanimously agreed to form an ad hoc committee to develop a long-term financial plan for the City of San Marino. Future councils would use that plan going forward to stay on the right financial track, according to Interim City Manager Cindy Collins. To fill the two remaining advisory seats, Sun and Huang will nominate two members of the community who possess a background in financial planning. Collins provided council members with a background of the financial challenges that face the city prior to the council action.

Desparately seeking San Marino current ordinance is set to expire at the end of the month, according to the Assistant City Manager Lucy Garcia. Interim City Manager Collins noted that the city has not programed the government channel, Channel 19, for several years, but may have an opportunity to utilize those funds in the near future.

Huang explained that the use of the funds could simply go toward the purchase of an iPad and tripod, coupled with the use of Facebook Live to broadcast council meetings. Mayor Richard Sun and Vice Mayor Richard Ward recommended the firm after they conducted interviews with four executive hiring firms. According to acting City Clerk Carol Crowley, the development of a retention schedule was initiated by City Clerk Veronica Ruiz and has been two years in the making.

The two bodies met in the Emergency Operations Center behind city hall on Mar. Trustee Oscar Chien told the council about programming, while Trustee Liz Hollingsworth updated the council on her efforts to close the communications gap between the library and the school district. The old rate of return assumption was 7. It is going to be reduced to 7 percent and eventually to 6 percent.

Our revenue is coming in as anticipated and we still anticipate surpluses every year. I am hoping within the next couple months we will have a solution. We have a basis here to come up with this actuarial analysis and plot out what we are going to face in the future. Redding was peppered with questions and comments from many of the community members in attendance. The city will also consider at a future meeting the possibility of forming an ad hoc finance committee comprised of the city finance director, treasurer, city manager and two community members with financial backgrounds.

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That recommendation will go before the council at a future meeting. The advisors made a total of 46 recommendations, which span numerous city operations, such as payroll, human resources, ing, budgeting, information technology, work schedules, strategic long-term planning, infrastructure, citizen access and other areas. A permanent human resources professional may aid in the operation of the city, the report added. The city currently receives contracted human resources services. The city utilizes a software known as Springbook, which, the report notes, provides a variety of modules that can aid the city in accomplishing several of the goals set out by the report, including improved budgeting practices and technological integration of ing and payroll functions.

Desparately seeking San Marino recommends in the report that the city employ a receptionist to improve citizen access to city hall. The report further recommends the creation of two new committees. The report suggeststhat planning may be a desired solution to more effective spending of government dollars and resources. Specific activities must be outlined for each service. Resources needed to provide these services must be defined. It was frustrating. So we thank them very much. San Marino will receive monies from at least one of the two county ballot measures approved by voters on Nov.

According to an from the Los Angeles Regional Park and Open Space District, which sponsored Measure A, funds from the measure will become available starting in the fiscal year. A, which will cease as a funding source at the end of the current fiscal year.

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A funds offset the building repair, maintenance, utilities and personnel costs associated with the operation of the Thurnher House at Lacy Park. City staff have already begun efforts to find alternate sources of funding for the Thurnher House for the fiscal year, which commences in July, Approximately fifty-five percent of San Marino voters supported both county measures.

Countywide, Measure M passed with about 71 percent support and Measure A passed with about 75 percent support. Mayor Dr. Council Member Steven Huang contributed with an eight question worksheet, which he ased to Cherniss. Interim City Manager Cindy Collins shared the of a city-performed preliminary analysis about the matter. However, she added, it would require every hour of the 53 hours to be utilized. The property values in this city—which are not a part of this study—are directly tied to the success of the school district. And our facilities, and putting a new gym at the middle school, will enhance the value of living in this community.

And so I think that is something that is important for the council to consider when arranging this agreement.

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The district will demolish the existing HMS gym on June 1, with an expected completion date of 18 to 24 months from the date of demolition. As of press time, the city and the school district have not commenced discussions to move forward with negotiating an agreement. On a similar note, resident Ken Ude advised the council to thoughtfully consider the profitability of a potential city investment in the gym.

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The Barth Athletic Complex is the most important Desparately seeking San Marino in this city in years. The students and community of San Marino will greatly benefit. However, it appears that the city will not help pay for it. So as a district we will continue to move forward. The project is still moving along on time and as planned. To me, this is a missed opportunity on behalf of the city.

The review and consideration of current and perspective library policies is part of an ongoing effort to develop a comprehensive collection of written guidelines by the City of San Marino. Trustees found the policy—complete with a definition of reference service, statement of purpose and standards—to be appropriate for Crowell Library. The report showed an increase of 18, items in total yearly circulation between fiscal year and fiscal yearjumping fromitems toitems. Resident circulation remained unchanged at 31 percent of that total, while non-resident circulation was 69 percent.

Staffing levels also remained unchanged from year-to-year at 46 people. The library experiencedvisits and hosted 20 more programs than the year prior for a total of programs. Tag Lucy Garcia Browsing. Vice Mayor Richard Ward cast the lone dissenting vote.

Mayor Richard Sun concurred. Keep Reading. By Kevork Kurdoghlian. Record Retention Schedule The city adopted a new record retention schedule and electronic communications policy. After a brief intermission, Pun discussed revenue projections for the city. By Mitch Lehman. The report recommends a variety of changes to city staffing levels.

The council, however, did not find the request to be so simple. Cherniss returned to the podium after Collins and Garcia. Three others spoke in opposition to the idea of a city contribution to the school district. Cherniss told The Tribune that the school district will move ahead with the project.

Desparately seeking San Marino

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