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So, I feel your pain. Not the pain at having curly hair.

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Truly, I love their curls. I love that each one is unique in how her hair falls- a lesson I am constantly reinforcing. Curls are amazing. I have included affiliate links to some of my favourite products that have worked for us. I definitely hated braids in the beginning but am now getting better and faster at it. Hair is different but add to that: curls that fall, coil, and frizz in different patterns and directions.

That said, there are helpful tips that will get you on the journey faster than if you had to research it all yourself. From identifying their hair texture, using the right tools on their hair, wash routines and moisturising. So, here it is. Complete with helpful curly tips, the best biracial hair websites, mixed race hair tutorials from the experts and helpful information to identify the best curly biracial hair products for your curly kids hair care routine.

I figured out early on there is a whole school of thought about curly girl hair type which, once identified, can open up all sorts of doors in terms of product recommendations and what would likely work on your biracial hair.

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Porosity, thickness, coil type and more play into this. And once you can identify these, you will go onto getting some products recommended for you based on their curl type. So, to identify your biracial kids curl type, check out these sites:. One of the first things I learned about curly hair is that it gets dry. Dry and then frizzy. Curly hair needs moisture. And lots of it if you want to achieve the shiny, defined curls that most will crave. Next, apply a daily conditioner, gel, custard or curl activating creme see product recommendations here.

Do not follow the quarter size amount that often works with straight hair. Bi racial mature women generously, coating the hair, section by section. for a step by step process here by a curly expert hair stylist. Work in sections, gently combing out the knots from the bottom up, holding the hair near the scalp to minimise pain. Work through the hair, tying up each section and moving onto the next. These are some of my favourites. Finally, apply an oil.

The amount of oil will depend on the hair. If the hair is fine and looser curls, a lighter oil may be better to just control the frizziness. If the hair is thicker and tighter curls see my DD2 aboveshe may need more oil to achieve the shine and really hydrate the curls so they are defined and healthy.

I personally love argan oil, shea butter oil and macademia nut oil. Others swear by it. Castor oil is supposed to be good for hair growth. I have tried a lot and it may be a trial and error process for you and your little ones. There are many out there which are incredibly expensive. First and foremost, do NOT wash everyday. Washing the hair strips curly hair of its natural oils and it will end up looking dry, dull, frizzy and unhealthy.

Start with washing once a week and increase or decrease as neccessary. Choose a shampoo that does not contain alchohol, and that is suitable for curly hair as these often contain more oil based agents to moisturise as it cleanses. Apply conditioner generously. This Bi racial mature women so, so important.

Some curly experts even recommend skipping shampoo completely and washing with conditioner a process called co-washing. I personally use shampoo because I believe there are enough products out there nowadays that are gentle on the hair. Saying that though, applying a deep hydrating leave-in conditioner then becomes that much more important.

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Once a month, apply a deep conditioner and leave it in the hair for at least 30 minutes. You can even put on a shower cap to encourage more conditioning for the hair. Use a microfibre hair towel or an old t-shirt to blot dry, never rub the hair. It will result in tangles and frizz.

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Then allow it to air dry if possible. Using a lot of heat on the hair, such as a hair dryer can also cause heat damage and dries out the hair. You will need to apply a heat protectant product to provide extra moisture if you need to blowdry the hair.

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Before your kids go to sleep, take out their tight hair bands and styles. Plait the hair but try not to use any hair bands or braid it too tightly. Tie the hair into a pineapple on top of the head and use a satin pillowcase or a satin nylon sleep cap to keep moisture in their hair. Or to reduce friction if they do have a protective style. These can have amazing for preventing tangles and frizz in the hair. There are so many out there! There are lots of hair styles out there, even easy ones that you can start out with.

They usually keep for more than a day or two and can protect the hair from tangles saving you time detangling everyday. Check the hair line in front to see if you notice any bumps which is a of pulling too hard. Also, try not to use rubber bands or even hair bands that have metal on them.

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Use a cloth hair band ideally or a scrunchie if it holds it in place. Because biracial kids curly hair care will depend on the season. The weather, the thickness, length and curl size of each hair type- not just their hair texture. For reviews and recommendations for different curly girl hair products, go to:.

Nothing beats a recommendation from a friend or someone you know. Make sure every time you see another child with curly hair and you like what you see, ask the Mum or Dad what their Bi racial mature women regime is. Particularly if the child has hair similar to your ds or dd, make sure you ask them what products they use, what kinds of hair styles they do and what hair salon they go to. It is important to me that they love their hair.

So I constantly tell them how beautiful and amazing it is. As well I am letting them help me add their conditioner and styling products in anticipation of them one day managing their curls by themselves. Hey there, could do with some help here!! My eldest has very tight curls but soft fine texture to his hair and my youngest has bigger curls with much more lift to it and a thicker, more course hair.

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I would love some advice mcxx. It sounds like your hair routine has been ok in that you know not to wash too frequently and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Give that a go and let us know how you get on. Good luck! This may be a silly question but I would love some advice on how to take care of my daughters hair while shes asleep at night. Her curls are so beautiful and I would love to have her down everyday but I feel like its not possible for more then day one of washing. Thank you! Not a silly question at all! Try putting her hair into a protective style the night before like a braid or even into a pineapple bun on top of her hair.

Older one is very soft English type hair but a big afro!

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