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I tried to clear out dead links but time comes for us all. A series of cell-phone screenshots of the Bubbly wiki. The main color is a coral pink and it uses the Bubbly logo, which is the word Bubbly with the Y replaced with a glass of cham. The header re: This is the unofficial database of knowledge on the Bubbly Original Universe of soap operas, featuringarticles created and edited by Bubbly fans.

creation is currently closed and we are not accepting applications for new editors. For information about Bubbly imports, you can consult the Sudz wiki. He was played by Nicholas Sosa from seasons one to four, actor Adam King from seasons four to 18, actor Gianni Carrillo from season 19 to 28, and actor Kieran Bradley from season 29 to present. Article intro: Dr. Arsene Lupin once referred to Teddy as one of the best officers in the Time Corps[11].

Teddy has been married to Trixie Maximillion-Gold since the first season, and they are the only couple never to have divorced or had children. The character of Teddy was based heavily on real-life billionaire Dr. Thomas Wayne, but now draws some inspiration from his son Bruce Wayne[12]. The table of contents for the article starts with the Storyline section. The final two sections are Trivia and quotes.

There is a break, and the next screenshot begins slightly before Fernando and Nurse Kate. Armand insists that he will not give up, but is never seen again after the trial. Because he always makes a point of warning Fernando not to hurt Kate, these visits usually end with a fight between the two.

In season seven, Teddy frees Fernando and Kate from their cabin after the avalanche, having noticed while skiing that it had gone missing[30]. After Senator Kyle is found dead beneath a broken window, Teddy is arrested and charged with his murder[32]. Because he had ly thrown Senator Kyle out of the window of the courtroom, few believe his proclamations of innocence.

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When Trixie makes a comment about the broken glass, Daisy decides to investigate. She realizes that the glass should have been too thick to allow a person to break through it under normal circumstances, even when thrown. When she presents her findings at the science fair, Principal Candy calls Lola and James to a meeting out of concern[33].

Lola, recognizing the importance of the evidence, takes it to Fernando. While Fernando considers keeping this evidence to himself, he ultimately decides this would be unethical, particularly when Trixie continues to allow Kate to train dolphins in their pool[34].

When Teddy attempts to remove his shirt as evidence, Fernando tries to stop him, and the two wrestle on the floor of the courtroom[35]. Finally, Daisy arrives with new evidence she found at the Midwesticorp glass factory, proving that Edwin Cummings had been cutting corners and producing unsafe panes of glass. This is never addressed or acknowledged in any subsequent episodes. However, neither of them are able to provide any useful information, having been absorbed in midnight shuffleboard at the time.

There is another break, and the next screenshot begins slightly before The Gunshot. The writers chose to accept the write-in candidates, and consequently, Estelle the Dolphin was elected mayor of Hillsford Heights. At the after-party, Teddy confesses he never really wanted to be mayor. He only wanted the title in order to add it to his collection, and was then too embarrassed to drop out of the race when things escalated[58].

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While walking home from the election night after-party, Teddy and Trixie are confronted by a mugger named John Bush who claims to be armed. Trixie seems to faint, and Teddy uses the opportunity to attack John. While Teddy eventually succeeds in getting the gun away from John and knocking him unconscious, he is shot in the process[59]. The special two-hour clip episode ends with Fernando finally returning from Quebec.

When they are alone, he admits to the unconscious Teddy that he had been having an affair. Teddy then sits up in his hospital bed, and punches Fernando in the face[60]. While subsequent episodes showed Teddy in physical therapy, it is not long before he makes a full recovery.

Instead, Fernando gives an impassioned speech that many have interpreted as the writers addressing the real-life Crime Alley Killer. John is found guilty, but is shown leniency when Teddy intervenes[61]. The episode received extensive news coverage, and Gilding Forever was nominated for six Emmy Awards[63].

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SE:1 famously aired only a month after the fatal shooting of Thomas Wayne and his wife. Because Teddy was well-known to be a kind of satire of Thomas Wayne, the writers felt their ly-planned storylines would no longer be appropriate. Isaac considered himself a friend of Mr. The Thomas Wayne I knew always did the right thing.

I wanted to write a world where doing the right thing means you get to live happily ever after. Teddy has been pd immortal since the release of the statement. Teddy does not appear again until season fifteen, when Friar Diego is preparing to leave Hillsford Heights.

He is stopped by Teddy, who reveals that he believes his house is haunted by the ghosts of the restless dead. Thank you to Anon for requesting this… deep lore? Bubbly was ly mentioned in the Wayne Enterprises megapost.

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It was hard to tell who the actual aggressor was, under the circumstances, but history suggested that Ellen was probably at fault. They were, at least, black linen and not jorts. He had an enormous and ugly wound on his leg, pure black against paper-white skin. With Ellen firmly secured into her kennel, they re-emerged into the porch with a plastic briefcase full 325am let s not fuck around ok gauze and unguents.

They assumed there were unguents. It seemed like the kind of thing a first aid kit ought to have. One bat would be a very inefficient delivery service provider. Fortunately, the chihuahua-mauling looked much better now than it had. They offered him a tube of antibiotic ointment, which they were not convinced did anything, but which was the only unguent available. They were deeply dissatisfied at their unguent options, and would keep it in mind while purchasing future first aid.

They bit their lip to suppress a grin in return, handing him gauze p. But lying down. My dick? Like a dick thing? They were also awkwardly working out how to wrap a bandage around his leg without getting his hand stuck. He smelled like a broken ballpoint found in an otherwise empty backpack. With their dicks. His hand was warm and calloused and practically swallowed theirs with the size of it.

They tried to think of a way to tactfully move on. His hand was still holding theirs, even though the handshake was over. They looked, and saw it sitting dented in the grass. The cardboard was long, and broad only at the base. Freddie was forced to confront the reality that, not long before, a cloud of bats carrying an enormous cardboard phallus had been flying toward their home. I guess. Then they pulled themselves upright, and trudged into the yard to retrieve their mail. They had to carry it back held in both arms.

When he did, his head almost hit the roof of the porch. Freddie had to lean back a little to look up at him. He faltered. He had to lick his finger every time he started a new. Freddie watched the cloud disappear across the skyline before shuffling back into their house and shutting the door.

They opened the indiscreet box, and contemplated the contents.

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Then they pulled it out, and gave the sword a few experimental swishes. It was still covered in foam to keep it from cutting through the cardboard. The handle gleamed with silver filigree. Then they slouched. Ostensibly started as an investment firm, actually started as a ponzi scheme that went sideways and turned into a legitimate business.

There was a war going on, things were confusing, people were dying or else just skipping town because it seemed like a good time for that kind of thing.

325am let s not fuck around ok

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